FNM Report – March 21, 2010

I don’t get to attend Friday Night Magic much, but when I do it’s a real treat for me. I’ve made it to three or four so far this year, but last night was special for me. I actually won the FNM with a 3-0 match record (6-0 games). There wasn’t a huge turnout as there was a PTQ going on the next day and most people that were planning on attending that event skipped FNM. I’ve been learning a lot but I’m far from being the best player. I think the low attendance and my deck choice helped put me at the top.

The deck I ran was Mythic Conscription which had put up awesome results during the recent National Qualifiers. I started with the list by Nicholas Berry, and made some minor changes to the main deck and sideboard. Here’s what I ran:

Round 1 vs. Max

Game one, I won the die roll and started on the play. I believe Max took two mulligans, putting him at five cards to start the game. Turn one, I dropped a Mystic Rainforest, cracked it to grab a Forest, and played Birds of Paradise. He dropped an Island. Second turn I dropped an Island and cast a Rhox War Monk. He then played a Plains and an Everflowing Chalice for one counter. Turn three I hit him for three with the Monk and dropped two Noble Hierarch during my second main phase. He cycled an Architects of Will, searching for some gas. Fourth turn I dropped Elspeth, Knight-Errant and gave my Birds of Paradise +3/+3, attacking for 5. This left him at 12 life. The next two turns I was able to knock him down to 5 life. My last turn I dropped Sovereigns of Lost Alara and attacked for the win. From the cards I saw I guessed he was playing an Open the Vaults deck.

Game two, he again had to mulligan only he stopped after the first. My notes are pretty sparse for this game, but I dropped a couple fetchlands played some creatures, and he mowed them down with Day of Judgment. He didn’t play much else, even though he cycled repeatedly to find answers to the new creatures I was dropping. His life went 20, 17, 12, and he conceded when I dropped a Sovereigns of Lost Alara on the battlefield.

Results: 1-0 (2-0)

Round 2 vs. Mike

I won the die roll to kick off the first game and chose to play. I then proceeded to mulligan to five. I had seen his deck from one of the previous rounds. He was playing a white and green deck with Lotus Cobra, Knight of the Reliquary, some random green fatties, and Linvala, Keeper of Silence. My notes from game one have his life total going all over from cracking fetchlands, me attacking, and him gaining life from a Behemoth Sledge. I was able to hold his big guys off with my own Knight of the Reliquary. He had amassed a large ground force which included a Pelakka Wurm, and I was starting to get worried. He was at 23 life while I was at 17, and if he had any type of Overrun effect I would be done for. My deck served up a Sovereigns of Lost Alara, and I dropped the Eldrazi Conscription on my Birds of Paradise, knocking him down to 12. His next turn he drew and then cast Gideon Jura and used his 0 loyalty ability to buy him a turn to setup for a game winning attack. I actually was excited at this point, as I had a Gideon of my own sitting in my hand. My next turn I cast Gideon, destroying his due to the legend rule, and attacked for the win.

Game two I mulliganed to six. This game went much better for Mike, as he dropped a turn three Linvala, shutting down my Knight of the Reliquary and Birds of Paradise. He also had a Behemoth Sledge and a Leatherback Baloth in play. With the Sledge on Linvala he beat me down to 12 life, leaving him at 25, before I was able to stabilize. I cast Mind Control on his Linvala, hoping to get a swing or two in and shut down his activated abilities. In response he cast Path to Exile on his Linvala, putting me back into business with my mana producers. On my next turn I dropped a Sovereigns, attacked with the Birds of Paradise with the free Eldrazi Conscription dropping him to 15 life. That must have been his only Path to Exile because he passed the turn and I attacked with my giant Knight of the Reliquary with another free Eldrazi Conscription for the win.

I feel that if Mike had known about this deck beforehand, he might have been able to play around my win conditions a little more. As it was, the deck would just win out of nowhere. I also got very lucky in that he never had the removal when it would have been most beneficial to him.

Results: 2-0 (4-0)

Round 3 vs. Justin

I was anticipating this match, as the last time I played him with no losses I got creamed. I was expecting a similar beating this time, but the deck had been winning out of nowhere so I wasn’t worried about my deck underperforming.

We both kept our opening hands to start game one. I won the roll and played first again. I had a great start into turn two Rhox War Monk. He cast Spreading Seas on my Forest. His next play was to cast Acidic Slime taking out my second Forest. He then used Jace, the Mind Sculptor to bounce my Birds of Paradise, further hampering my mana. I’d play Knight of the Reliquary, and bounced it. I played Elspeth, Knight-Errant and used it to punch through some damage and he killed it with Mold Shambler. Somehow I had just enough creatures to keep him from killing me, and I was slowly able to recover my mana base. He had run out of steam and I had him at 6 life by the time I dropped a Sovereigns onto the battlefield. I attacked with my Birds into his Birds, got the free Conscription and won.

He was visibly upset at losing and I decided to just shut up and play the game as I am always a little uncomfortable with people taking a game too seriously. Magic is fun for me, and that’s the primary reason I play it. Things just went downhill for Justin. He had to mulligan and his mood only got worse. My turns were all mana producers like Noble Hierarch and Birds of Paradise. On turn 5 I hard cast an Eldrazi Conscription, and attacked with my Birds. He tossed his cards on the table and conceded. I was happy to win, but happier to be out of the uncomfortable match with the pissed off guy.

Results: 3-0 (6-0)

The match results played out that if the guy that was paired down in round three won, we’d have a fourth round. However, he lost and we ended after three rounds. I was pretty suprised to win. I got some store credit and a foil FNM Cloudpost, so I was feeling pretty good. The deck played awesome, and I can see how it posted great results on National Qualifiers. However, I feel that now that it’s a known entity, it might struggle a bit more. I’m interested in trying out the Vengevine Naya decks as well. They seem to be getting a lot of play, though we’ll see how well they do at Grand Prix Washington D.C. that’s going on this weekend.

I am looking forward to the next time I can attend an FNM. The more I go the more fun I seem to have.

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