Examining Rise of the Eldrazi for Cube – Green

Green is very strong in Rise of the Eldrazi. There are new spells that move green in some interesting directions and provide new areas to explore in the cube.

Awakening Zone

Provides chump blockers every turn that can double as mana acceleration. I’m a huge fan of this card. It’s seen play in Polymorph decks and green based ramp decks. I’m sure as we approach the release of Magic 2011 and Scars of Mirrodin we’ll see many new decks that will play Awakening Zone to great effect. It’s going into my cube for sure.

Verdict: Add

Bear Umbra

This would be a great card to play with Omnath, Locus of Mana. I may consider adding Bear Umbra and Omnath together. Bear Umbra can definitely help power out some really large X spells that can just win you the game.

Verdict: Maybe

Beastbreaker of Bala Ged

A very good eary and late game creature for green. I’ve been crushed by it a few times already. If it comes down on turn two and isn’t answered soon, he will walk all over you.

Verdict: Add

Boar Umbra

This card is much stronger than Moldervine Cloak, and I like it even better than Elephant Guide. A definite add, and I will be removing Moldervine Cloak to make room.

Verdict: Add

Growth Spasm

I’m pretty close to adding this card. In a way it’s similar to Kodama’s Reach, though it provides more of an upfront advantage. It provides a token that can chump block or provide you some instant mana. I may try it out in place of Kodama’s Reach.

Verdict: Maybe

Khalni Hydra

This is a very strong card, which encourages mono color deck building. With green having so many little mana ramp creatures, Khalni Hydra can come out really early in the game, which can put a lot of pressure on your opponent. I’m testing him out in place of Spectral Force as he can come out turn five easily, is the same power and toughness with trample, and doesn’t have the drawback.

Verdict: Add

Momentous Fall

This card provides green a way to take advantage of the inevitable demise of its creatures, giving you better card drawing than Greater Good and tacking on life gain to boot. It’s a nice addition to green, as sometimes green spells seem too focused on pump and mana ramp.

Verdict: Add

Ondu Giant

A Rampant Growth on a decent sized body. I like him as you can ramp your mana up while clogging up the ground to prepare for casting your large finishers. I’m considering him, but he’s no Sakura-Tribe Elder. I think I even like Borderland Ranger slightly better.

Verdict: Maybe

Pelakka Wurm

I really like this card. He makes my inner Timmy happy. When I started playing magic I couldn’t get enough of the big green creatures. My preferences have drifted away from monogreen, but this guy reminds me why I still like green.

Verdict: Add

Realms Uncharted

This seems like it could enable some fun stuff. I’m adding it for now, though it’s almost a maybe. Green needs more interesting spells in my cube, so this is worth experimenting with. Will be incredibly saucy with a Knight of the Reliquary or Terravore, or even Countryside Crusher. I used to have Life from the Loam in my cube. Maybe it’s time to bring this back.

Verdict: Add

Tajuru Preserver

I can see uses for this card, especially to counteract early Chainer’s Edict, Diabolic Edict, Innocent Blood or the more recent Consuming Vapors. That being said, this guy is very fragile and the decks he’s good against likely pack enough removal that they can zorch him without pausing.

Verdict: No


Green has no problem playing multiple creatures in a turn, and reusable creatures are great in the cube. Vengevine is arguably the most aggressive green creature printed and he’s got an instant spot in my cube.

Verdict: Add

Final Conclusions

I’m very happy with the options green has in this set. I’m adding more green cards from Rise of the Eldrazi than any of the other colors and they’re cards that make me want to play green.




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