Examining Rise of the Eldrazi for Cube – Recap

I just wanted to do a quick recap on the walk-through of Rise of the Eldrazi for the cube. I’ve pretty much finished modifying my cube to add the Rise cards I discussed. Along the way I made a few changes as I thought more about things and reevaluated my decisions. Here are the cards that actually made it into my cube.

I’m actually very suprised at the sheer volume of cards that are worth trying from Rise. A full thirty four cards made the cut, which makes Rise a full 6.3% of my cube. I’m fairly sure that I’ll be removing some of them after some actual play, but Rise has proven to be a pretty stacked set. I feel that green especially has just gotten a huge boost in power. White seems to also have gotten some extremely solid cards, many of which are possibly going to be in my cube for a long time to come.

There were a few cards that made it in that weren’t initially high on my radar, and some that I thought were sure to go in, but after secondary review got cut. I wanted to go through them quickly and see where I went wrong or missed on my first pass.

Survival Cache

This card grows on you. I feel that card drawing and card advantage is stronger overall than straight lifegain. Pulse of the Fields offers more life gain with some card advantage, but Survival Cache can really help draw you into more gas and it fits right into a white-based control deck. I feel this moved it from a maybe to a yes and I’ve replaced Pulse of the Fields with Survival Cache.

Consume the Meek

I had marked this as a maybe. My initial reaction was just “this is an easier to cast Culling Sun“. In my second look at the card I realized I completely missed the fact that it was an instant, and not a sorcery. This being instant changes things entirely. I felt this was then stronger than Gul Draz Assassin and I added it in its stead.

Consuming Vapors

This was another maybe. It was really competing for a slot with Inquisition of Kozilek. In the end Consuming Vapors just felt like a stronger card overall as it helps chop down the opponent’s force while giving black a needed life gain element. With cards like Dark Confidant and Sign in Blood black can easily cut deep into your life totals in gaining card advantage. This, in my opinion, bumps Consuming Vapors above Inquisition of Kozilek and it went into my cube instead.

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