Building a Cube Container: Update

It’s been a while since I discussed my cube container project. I haven’t had a lot of time to work on it, so it has taken longer than I expected to finish it. I have been able to do small pieces here and there over that time, so I’m pretty close to being finished with it.

Since I last posted I have finished quite a few things on this project. First off, I filled the screw holes with wood filler. I also filled a lot of the cracks and imperfections. Once done I sanded it all out so it was nice and smooth. The next step for was to disassemble the box and stain it. The staining took multiple days as I ended up doing two stain applications, and had to let it completely dry before coating it with polyurethane. Once all of that was done I reassembled the the box. I have been considering lining the box lid edges with felt to ensure that the latch is tight. It will also help dampen any noise the box lid might make on closing or transport.

I learned a few lessons building this box. One of those lessons was to make sure I didn’t overuse the wood filler. I used it on the top and bottom of the box to help even things out, but upon staining you can tell that it interrupts the grain of the wood. It would be better for me to make the joints nicer to begin with so wood filler wouldn’t be necessary. That said I think the stain still makes the box look so much better. Another change I would make the next time around would be to build the box using thinner wood as it would make it lighter. I need to develop some better woodworking skills, so I just need to practice.

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