Happy new year to to every one of you!

This site has largely been neglected by me due to work and the holidays. My desktop computer also decided it was a good time to die right before Christmas, so I’ve been largely disconnected for a few weeks. I didn’t make any resolutions this year, as my life is largely a game of playing things by the seat of my pants. With a two year old and a wife who’s a medical resident my time is rarely my own to resolve to do anything with.

That said, I’m excited by Mirrodin Beseiged. The two prerelease promo cards, Glissa, the Traitor and Hero of Bladehold both look to be strong cards. If I attend a prerelease I’m going to have a hard time deciding which faction to side with, though I think that overall I am more inclined toward Mirran than Phyrexian.

I made some updates to my cube over the holidays and even got a chance to play a bit. I finally got to see just how powerful Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief can be. I drafted her in a black/red removal heavy deck with Bane of the Living, Demonic Tutor, Cruel Tutor, Damnation, Doom Blade and a bunch of good burn. The deck just ran over my opponents and Drana dominated every game she saw play. I also drafted a pretty poor blue/red deck – this combination seems to be either very good or very bad when I draft it – that left me defeated in every game I played it, losing spectacularly to a solid blue/black control deck that played like one of the blue/black control lists from Worlds. The play time definitely showed me a couple areas that need tuning in my cube, especially in blue/red.

Thea Steele (@wmap) wrote up a neat article listing her favorite cards for Cube of 2010 and what she was wishing for in 2011. My own personal hope is that Tezzeret, who we know is returning from the Mirrodin Beseiged posters, is blue/black or blue/red. Another color that needs planeswalker love is Green. Garruk has been pulling more than his share of the weight as Nissa is very linear in the types of decks she really works in. I’m definitely in agreement with Thea about green needing more first pick calibur cards. I’ve really felt that drafting green in the cube is largely only as successful as the power of your other colors. I just find green getting outclassed in a lot of games and I wouldn’t draft mono green in the Cube if I can help it. I don’t feel it’s the green creatures that are the problem, but I feel that the things green lacks, such as removal, play a large part in green’s lack of power. I want to see some creative and powerful green spells that can shore up that weakness. The best example of an inventive new powerful green spell in 2010 I can think of right now would be Genesis Wave. There’s a card that really makes green more powerful and interesting to play at the same time, though it’s not necessarily the strongest example with respect to Cube. I personally am running it in mine, hoping it will increase the interest in drafting green, but there are plenty who don’t run that card.

Soon I’m going to try to sync up my cube list and update my cube site. It’s pretty out of date right now, sadly and I need to implement a way to keep it up to date a little easier. Right now it involves exporting info from my Google Docs into a csv file and then running it through some Ruby scripts I wrote that generate my cube in a JSON format that works with my site. It’s a little bit too tedious for minor updates, which is why I’m so out of sync. I’ll drop a note here when it’s up to date with my latest list.

Now that all the holidays are over and I’m back online at home I hope to be back here more often. I hope your new year is a happy and fun one! Thanks for reading.

Father, husband, programmer, gamer. Magic: The Gathering enthusiast who enjoys playing and discussing the game with anyone who is willing.

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  1. Thea Steele says:

    Thanks for mentioning my article! I agree with you about Tezzeret, but I hope he isn’t too niche for the cube this time around. U/R especially could use some help, but U/B is probably more likely.

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