Cube List Update

I finally got around to cleaning up my cube list and making sure it was synched between my Google Docs version and my cube mini-site. This has been on my todo list for a while and I’m glad to finally have it done. It will make it easier starting the new year off synched up and ready for whatever 2011 brings to the table.

If you are interested in managing your own cube via spreadsheet, I recommend checking out Adam Styborski’s blog The Pauper Cube, as he’s spent a lot of time crafting and tweaking his spreadsheets and knows his stuff. It’s also a great resource for those who either have or are interested in building a pauper cube and are looking for good card reviews. His reviews have brought to my attention hidden gems that I simply overlooked because they are sub par outside of a pauper format, but prove to be really solid when in a commons only format.

If you have any suggestions for either my spreadsheet or my mini-site, please let me know via Twitter or here in the comments. I’m open to any kind of feedback, really, so don’t hesitate. Until next time, cheers.

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3 comments on “Cube List Update
  1. Thea Steele says:

    I love your minisite. One suggestion is to separate spells and creatures and (more important) to sort multicolor by color pair. I think that would make it easier to see what you are running, what your curve looks like, and anything that might be missing.

    Also, I’d recommend having a short statement-of-purpose type page, giving some information about your cube (size and breakdown) and maybe a list of pet cards, cards you are thinking about trying, cards you are thinking about cutting. I’ve found that to be helpful for me, anyway. Also, some suggestions of cards to include are highly dependent on the size of the cube, so you might as well make that information available.

  2. Thea Steele says:

    Sorry, I see now that you have most of that on the spreadsheet. I’d reproduce it for the lazy, though.

  3. Cool idea for the minisite. I have been wanting to spend some time on it to add some features, and that’s a good one. I appreciate the feedback. Now I just hope I can scare up some extra time!

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