Pre-Mirrodin Besieged Cube Update

I recently acquired a few more cards that I wanted to. I specifically was looking for spots for Recurring Nightmare and Ohran Viper. I’ve seen these cards in many cube lists and I’ve been wanting to try them out. I had some trouble deciding on what to cut though, so I appealed to those who follow me on twitter for help. I received great responses from a few people; namely, @kstube, @GriffnValentine, and @UsmanTheRad. All responded with great options.

Here are the responses I received, in timestamp order.

@kstube: @surmem Stinkweed or Infest for Recurring Nightmare, and Awakening Zone or Terravore for Ohran Viper.

@GriffnValentine: @surmem For Ohran Viper, cut any of these: Kavu Pred, Awake Zone, Life Loam, G Wave, Heartbeat, Terravore.

@GriffnValentine: @surmem For Recurring Nightmare: Infest, Nightscape Familiar, Dauthi Merc, Tendrils of Agony

@UsmanTheRad: @surmem Late to the party, but Nightscape Familiar seems like a good cut. I’d also consider Dread Return, flashback seems not too relevant

Not only did I get great answers to my question, but I also got the low down on other weak points in those colors as well. Here are the changes that I went ahead and made based on that advice:


Akroma really doesn’t see the battlefield much, despite how awesome she can be. She’s been sort of outclassed as creatures get more powerful earlier in the mana curve. Since she’s at the top end of white’s mana curve she doesn’t get hardcast often. That leaves her as a prime target for replacement by these more aggressively costed creatures. In preparation for the MBS updates I thought this would be a decent time to try out Indomitable Archangel. A 4/4 flyer for four mana seems solid on its own, but also being able to protect something like Wurmcoil Engine, Mimic Vat, or Isochron Scepter sounds pretty good to me. Metalcraft isn’t something you will always find easy to get active on board, but there are a few creatures who are solid on their own even without metalcraft being active and this one is decent.


I don’t quite know why, but Nightscape Familiar escaped my notice for a long time. It took asking for help on twitter to bring it to my attention. I can’t remember the last time someone played him and Recurring Nightmare is such a better and more interesting card to be running.


Ink-Eyes has been on my radar since I first built my cube, but I only recently took the opportunity to grab a copy. It took me long enough to get around to acquiring this card, but I finally have a copy. I’m cutting another weaker card identified by those who helped me out, Infest, to make room. Thinking about playing with Ink-Eyes makes me a bit giddy, and I feel pretty silly that I haven’t up to this point in time.


I’ve been planning on trying Rolling Thunder, and Beacon of Destruction seems like a good choice to side out. Thunder is a bit more flexible, and allows you pinpoint control over multiple targets. Beacon is nice, but five mana for five damage isn’t really the most efficient anymore. The chances you use it for its ability to keep you from getting decked is very small in cube unless you support milling as an archetype, which my cube really doesn’t.


I don’t have enough land destruction in my cube to make Terravore optimal and the Viper is just able to do more. I may bring Terravore back one of these days, but I’d likely bring in supporting cards like Molten Rain, Countryside Crusher, Sinkhole and the like to make land destruction a more viable archetype. A lot of people hate land destruction as when it works it actively prevents them from playing their game. However, I believe it is a viable archetype, though I dislike losing to it as much as the next guy. It has a rich legacy in the game and serves a purpose, so I actually want to support it whether or not it’s an archetype that I like to play.

I feel that this update is pretty solid and leaves my cube in a good position prior to Mirrodin Besieged. All but the Indomitable Archangel have been staples in other cubes, so I’m really happy to be adding them. I know that if the Indomitable Archangel doesn’t pan out, there’s a very powerful card named Hero of Bladehold coming soon in Mirrodin Besieged that would be perfect at the four mana slot.

Speaking of Mirrodin Besieged, it is right around the corner and will be the focus of cube updates all over. So far, there have been a few really solid cards spoiled that I believe are going to be awesome in the cube. White especially has the initial advantage with Accorder Paladin (Blade of the Sixth Pride 2.0) and Hero of Bladehold. The Hero is really strong, so much better than Captain of the Watch both in speed as well as power level. In green, the very recently spoiled Thrun, the Last Troll has me seeing Troll Ascetic all over again, who is possibly one of my most favorite green creatures – efficient and really hard to kill. Troll shroud is very powerful, and it’s nice to see it where it belongs; on another troll. Sphere of the Suns looks amazing as a mana fixer and will likely end up in quite a few cube lists. An old favorite, Darksteel Colossus, has been infected and is now Blightsteel Colossus. This guy wins in one hit, and if he doesn’t he simply chews up your opponents creatures. If you are running the older colossus, maybe this new one would be good to consider as a replacement. One of the most solid artifacts in Mirrodin Besieged so far happens to be Phyrexian Revoker, which is like a slightly modified Pithing Needle. The card is so very awesome. If I am not mistaken, he will be played across all formats.

I will be enjoying the spoilers as they come out and hopefully can attend a prerelease. I plan on siding with the Mirran faction as I really want the Hero of Bladehold promo. So far I am not an enthusiastic lover of infect, though it is a pretty solid mechanic. I think as the block unfolds and it has more support, I may end up liking infect more. Alternatively, I could easily hate it if there is altogether too much of it. We’ll see. I hope you can attend a prerelease or release tournament yourself, as they are a lot of fun.

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