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Green is undergoing some big changes. I’m removing some of the more monogreen creatures and replacing them with more aggressive creatures that can see play in multicolor decks. I really want to make green more desirable to draft and I feel that this will help toward that goal. I’m tipping green pretty heavily on the side of creatures – likely a bit overboard – with this update, but New Phyrexia has some exciting new green spells that will be finding their way into my list. I will revisit the spell vs. creature balance in green at a later time.

Mirrodin Besieged brings a few good cards to green, my favorite being Thrun, the Last Troll. Green Sun’s Zenith provides a really nice tutor for green creatures and the Viridian Emissary joins his precursor Sakura-Tribe Elder in the ranks of the green dorks.


Life from the Loam » Green Sun's Zenith

Life from the Loam has been in my cube from almost the beginning. I had it in to support dredge back in the Ravnica block, and it’s proven useful here and there even after I removed most of the support for dredge. It’s time has come though. It’s a good card in Legacy in the right decks, but it’s not right for my cube. Replacing it is a great green tutor from Mirrodin Besieged. I think it will be useful enough to find its way into most green decks that pick it up. Worst case scenario you’d run it in a green splash as a way to find your one or two green creatures. Best case, you’re running it in a monogreen deck and it allows you to find all your silver bullets. And, in zenith fashion, it has potential for multiple uses throughout a game.

Primeval Titan » Thrun, the Last Troll

I’ve seen more and more people removing Primeval Titan from their cube lists. I personally like the green Titan, but I believe Thrun, the Last Troll will prove useful in and against more decks as he’s easier to play, and tougher to kill.

Heartbeat of Spring » Viridian Emissary

This continues the push for more aggressiveness in all colors in my cube. Heartbeat of Spring would play nicely in a more combo oriented cube, but Viridian Emissary fits perfect in the aggro mold and he’s got an upside when he dies.

Albino Troll » Jungle Lion

As I mentioned in my post concerning the changes I made to red, echo is getting old. The Albino Troll is a great card, but I am taking it out for a rest in favor of a low-cost aggressive threat in Jungle Lion. The Lion is straightforward and easy to understand. He’s there to attack, and he’s good at it.

Kavu Predator » Joraga Treespeaker

I’m returning Joraga Treespeaker to my cube. It’s solid on average, and is much more useful than the Kavu Predator. The Predator is a nice bear, but he’s almost always just that. On occasion I’ve had him over 10/10, but he’s generally lackluster and ends up chump blocking.

Cloudthresher » Wild Dogs

This is another change focused entirely on making green more aggressive. Wild Dogs is returning to push the overall curve of green down and the aggressiveness up. I dislike losing Cloudthresher but it’s restrictive to cast outside of its evoke cost, and fits a fairly specialized role that not every green deck needs to worry about.

Leatherback Baloth » Fyndhorn Elves

This is a slightly counterintuitive change in that Leatherback Baloth is a very aggressive green creature. However, it is so restrictive in its color requirement that only a monogreen deck can think to cast him early enough to use it to its full potential. Bringing in Llanowar Elves cousins, Fyndhorn Elves, helps to support green’s ability to ramp quickly and can be used in many different decks.

Mitotic Slime » Basking Rootwalla

Mitotic Slime has not been that great. It seems like it’d be ok, but green has much better options at five mana. The card is full of flavor, and that tickles me, but I’d honestly rather have Basking Rootwalla. Cheap threats are just so much more important. If there’s anything I’ve learned by paying attention to and playing a bit of Legacy it’s that playing mana efficient threats are the way to go. The Slime is a 4/4 for five mana on average, and most people will simply play around him. The Rootwalla on the other hand is a one mana threat that can pretend to be Wild Nacatl for a small cost, and he has the added bonus of being great against hand disruption strategies. Couple him with any type of discard outlet like his old friend Wild Mongrel and he only gets better.

Awakening Zone » Indrik Stomphowler

Back when I had Polymorph in my cube, I had a really awesome draft with Polymorph, Awakening Zone, and a couple of really good Polymorph targets. It was pretty much a dream deck for Awakening Zone. Outside of that one draft, the Zone generally isn’t used that much. Stomphowler is big, splashable, has a much needed effect, and is too good to not be in my cube any more.

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2 comments on “Cube: Mirrodin Besieged – Green
  1. Thea Steele says:

    These changes look great. I think Green Sun’s Zenith will eventually be a cube staple- it’s just outstanding. As others have pointed out, aside from grabbing a creature at any point along your curve, it also eases the casting cost of some cards- for example, you don’t necessarily mind paying six and avoiding GGG for Kodama of the North Tree. And Viridian Emissary has been very good here as well. I’m glad to see other cubers including it.

  2. That’s a great point about Green Sun’s Zenith allowing you to avoid paying the restrictive green costs. I can’t imagine drafting green and not wanting Green’s Sun Zenith.

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