Cube: Mirrodin Besieged – Multicolor & Land

I’m combining the updates to multicolor and land into one post in this, the penultimate post of my Mirrodin Besieged cube update, as there are only a few updates in each section.


Nemesis of Reason » Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas

Mirrodin Besieged featured the return of Tezzeret; another great planeswalker costed at the aggressive mana cost of four. I run an equal amount of artifacts as any color in my cube, so there’s no lack of ammunition for it. While it may not be a perfect fit in some people’s lists, in mine he will do more than fine. The revisit to the plane of Mirrodin has brought a spate of powerful artifacts, many of which have found their way into cube lists, and they all play nicely with Tezzeret. I’m replacing Nemesis of Reason, which is fun to play with, but ultimately lacks the power level of Tezzeret and has the highest converted mana cost of the Dimir section.

Lord of Extinction » Glissa, the Traitor

I really want to see how Glissa, the Traitor holds up. I am not totally sold on the card, but a three mana 3/3 with first strike and deathtouch is nothing to sneeze at, and that’s not counting the artifact recursion ability should it connect with a face. Despite me not being absolutely sold on it, it’s a more solid card than Lord of Extinction. The Lord is a true Timmy card at a good cost, but it’s pretty vanilla sitting next to cards like Baneslayer Angel or any Titan.


Dread Statuary » Inkmoth Nexus

I knew I would be bringing in Inkmoth Nexus from the first time I saw it. Efficiency matters, even for man-lands, and Inkmoth Nexus is a lot more efficient than Dread Statuary. That it has infect really isn’t too much too worry about, though if you also draft Blinkmoth Nexus winning via poison isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. The real selling point of the nexus is that it has evasion when animated.

Reflecting Pool » Volrath's Stronghold

I originally brought Reflecting Pool into my cube with the vivid lands from Lorwyn. In my opinion, it’s an alright card, but without the vivid lands it just lacks oomph. The card I’m replacing it with, however, is well known and really deserves a spot, and now that I’ve picked up a copy of it, Volrath’s Stronghold will likely have a spot in my cube for a long time.

Terrain Generator » Shelldock Isle

This is an easy swap. Terrain Generator is a much weaker version of Thawing Glaciers and I’m glad to be removing it. I’ve read many good things about Shelldock Isle and I can’t wait to cast a few free spells off of it.

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