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My New Phyrexia Shopping List

I usually decide what I’m aiming to get shortly before I actually get my hands on new cards, but I’m a little late deciding with New Phyrexia. I did not have the opportunity to attend any of the prereleases –

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Snap Singles: Phyrexia’s Core

This card is a little innocuous at first glance. It appears to be a worse version of Mirrodin’s Core, but the “phyrexification” of the core of Mirrodin brings some neat interactions to play that, I think, bear looking into a

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Cube: Mirrodin Besieged – Colorless

Here it is, the last post outlining the changes I’m making to my cube with respect to Mirrodin Besieged. Splitting the posts up like this seems to have worked for me especially well due to the total number of changes

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