My New Phyrexia Shopping List

I usually decide what I’m aiming to get shortly before I actually get my hands on new cards, but I’m a little late deciding with New Phyrexia. I did not have the opportunity to attend any of the prereleases – the first time I’ve missed since I started attending prereleases with Zendikar – this time around, so I put off making my list until now. So, without further ado, here’s what I’ll be looking to buy and trade in the coming weeks.


Karn Liberated

I will be looking to put one into my cube – hopefully foil – and I will likely find myself playing one or two in at least one deck in standard. However, I will not be looking to acquire these right away, as I think his price is somewhat inflated at the moment.



This one is a given for me, as I have been wanting to play with Tempered Steel. Hopefully there’s enough ammunition to make that deck good in standard. I’ll just be picking these up as I open packs. I’m not in a real hurry.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

As this might make a good Dread Return target in dredge decks in legacy, I’m willing to pick up a couple. They’re not too expensive for being mythic, also.

Porcelain Legionnaire

These are common, so I’m going to be looking to get one foil in my cube, and acquire any other foils of this I can. I love this guy. He’s better at being aggressive than Accorder Paladin. They’ve one-upped the one-up of Blade of the Sixth Pride, further pushing white’s aggro game.


Corrupted Resolve

This is not better than Counterspell, but I think it will find use in constructed in decks that are able to infect an opponent easily. Whether it’s using Virulent Wound to off a Lotus Cobra and poison the opponent, or simply smacking the opponent upside the head with Inkmoth Nexus. I will be looking to use this card in my decks featuring Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas and Inkmoth Nexus, no doubt.

Deceiver Exarch

This card’s similarity to Pestermite brought everyone straight to using this card with Splinter Twin. I will likely be acquiring the last couple Splinter Twin I need as well. Likely I’m attracted to this deck due to having a great love of Pyromancer Ascension and I’ve seen many lists pairing the two combos together that look really fun to play.

Gitaxian Probe

Mana-free peaks will be good in quite a few decks, really shining in combo decks which I love. It might also be good enough to see play in legacy. Will be looking for foils of these.

Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur

Another interesting target possibility for Dread Return in legacy dredge decks. I like this even better in a reanimator deck though, as you end your turn with a full grip of cards – giving you lots of outs to protect him. Unless your opponent can immediately deal with this guy or can play without a hand, you are, as Charlie Sheen would say, “winning”.

Mental Misstep

These will be great in many sideboards in Legacy. I’m not sold that it will be the card that people were initially hyping it to be, but I’m definitely going to be looking for mine on the cheap, read “in packs”, until the price and hype can settle down. Hoping to pull a foil, if only so I can turn it into cash, and grab multiple foils down the road when the price isn’t inflated.

Phyrexian Metamorph

They couldn’t have done better with this card. Clone is a classic that really was unexciting and underpowered compared to the “pushed” cards we see today, and this reinvention of Clone is exciting. I love Sculpting Steel, and seeing Clone and Sculpting Steel merged into one card in an artifact block makes me giddy. One foil shall be going into my cube once I can acquire one. The others are for fun, but it’s the type of card I like having  a playset of.

Tezzeret’s Gambit

There aren’t many good true card drawing spells in standard right now. Throwing proliferate on Divination for an extra colorless mana, and then making that lone blue mana in the cost optional, has created one of my personal favorite blue spells in the set. This will be great in most decks featuring Planeswalkers, and those guys seem to be in every deck. I will be looking for these in foil, of course.



This will likely end up in my cube, as I run all the good planeswalkers in cube (hint: not Chandra Ablaze or Nissa Revane) and this is good planeswalker disruption. Hitting creatures as well is all upside. I will be looking to play this with some mixture of Inquisition of Kozilek and Duress as well in standard. Hopefully grabbing a foil for my cube.


Absolutely great creature kill for non-black decks – which they really needed , but in a black deck this is absolutely stellar. One foil for the cube, any others for wrecking creatures in standard or legacy.

Surgical Extraction

This is a solid sideboard card, which will see play throughout it’s life in standard, with possibly sideboard use in legacy akin to Extirpate. Being mana-free is a bonus, but it’s hard to beat split second, so maybe some mixture of Extirpate and Surgical Extraction would be useful. Will be picking these up when the price comes down a bit.

Vault Skirge

I would love to see this sequence when playing Tempered Steel. Turn one Vault Skirge and some combination of Memnite/Ornithopter, turn two Porcelain Legionnaire, turn three Tempered Steel. Seems good.


Act of Aggression

There is a strong possibility that this card will be wrecking a lot of plans in standard, and I’ll be wanting these in my sideboards.

Moltensteel Dragon

These should be cheap enough to pick up, and may be a nice addition to a metal red deck. I find it hard to dislike a good dragon.

Urabrask the Hidden

This is such a solid guy in red, that I’ll be trying to pull together a playset if possible.

Volt Charge

This is another stellar proliferate card. With Lightning Bolt rumored to be rotating out in October, this will be one of the better burn spells. Will play nicely with Koth of the Hammer.


Beast Within

I’m not entirely in love with this, as I feel it’s best when removing a huge threat or killing off one of your own permanents to give you an extra attacker. It’s solid, but it’s not Vindicate.

Birthing Pod

Fixed Survival of the Fittest? It definitely is begging to be played and I hope a deck spawns up around it that can take full advantage of it. Just seems like a very fun card.

Melira, Sylvok Outcast

Sideboard strategy vs. infect, at the least and possibly useful in soft lock combos.

Mutagenic Growth

You’re going to want to keep this card in mind as an always available combat trick.

Noxious Revival

I’ve seen people, such as @kellyreid, suggesting this card in Pyromancer Ascension decks, and I heartily agree. Seems better than Call to Mind in that you can use it to mess with your opponent as an alternate plan to returning your business spells.



As long as Stoneforge Mystic is around, this will be bashing in for four a lot. It’s ability to return to your hand will ensure that it sticks around even after the Mystic rotates out.

Hex Parasite

This is a good answer to Tumble Magnet and can help kill off planeswalkers. I think we’ll see this card overplayed a bit at first, but I like it as a sideboard option.

Immolating Souleater

This is a scary little guy, and can kill out of nowhere. I’d fancy testing him out alongside Kiln Fiend and Distortion Strike.


I have Bloodchief Ascensions lying around, so I might as well get myself a playset of these. There isn’t a strong shell to put this in, so it will take some brewing if anyone is going to make this a solid strategy.

Myr Superion

This card is begging to be played. The art is killer as well. I will be keeping my eye out for decklists featuring this guy.


This was a very underrated card which is finally starting to attract people’s attention. This will show up in decks looking to protect their combo or to divert removal away from key threats.

Sword of War and Peace

Good card is good. Doesn’t really need much more explanation.

Torpor Orb

This card might have an impact on standard, maybe legacy. I, for one, would rather it impact legacy. I have a playset of Phyrexian Dreadnought just waiting to be used.

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