Cube: Dark Ascension – Blue

The changes in blue are pretty straightforward. I’m bringing in a card from Innistrad that I was on the fence about earlier, but have since come to like quite a bit. And, I am bringing in what I believe to be the best blue card in Dark Ascension.

Sphinx of Lost Truths » Silent Departure
Master Transmuter » Dungeon Geists

Silent Departure is coming in mainly to support tempo and midrange decks. With all the aggro support I’ve added, I want to make sure there are enough tempo effects to keep aggro from completely taking over. I think it will be a solid card that will make more decks than it doesn’t. I’m moving out the Sphinx for now, though I’m not sure it’s ultimately the right card to exchange, but it seems ok at this time.. Sphinx of Lost Truths provides a really strong effect on a decent sized body, so there’s a possibility I’ll bring it back later on.

Having removed Tinker and a lot of the outrageous Tinker targets, Master Transmuter is no longer as tempting a card to run as it used to be. Dungeon Geists is an excellent replacement. I really, really love this card. Very much the cousin of Sower of Temptation, there’s not much I love more than a solid flyer that completely neutralizes an opposing creature.

I’ve been pretty happy with blue aggro being a supported archetype in my cube, as it gives blue another avenue to shine rather than being unnecessaryily pigeonholed into controling strategies. Eventually I’d like to revisit Tinker, and blue combo in general, in my cube. But I think I’ll need to spend some time re-evaluating the archetypes supported in my cube if I am to do a thorough job of it.

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