Cube: Dark Ascension – Red

The most exciting red card brought to the table by Dark Ascension has been Faithless Looting. I thought Desperate Ravings was a good card in Innistrad, and had been thinking of trying it out in my list, but once I saw Faithless Looting I dropped the idea of even testing Ravings and haven’t looked back.

Here are the changes I made to red:

Stigma Lasher » Faithless Looting
Dwarven Blastminer » Torch Fiend

There’s not too much to really say with the changes to red. Faithless Looting is a great addition, and can be used by many different decks and archetypes. Torch Fiend is an nice aggressive two drop that can clear out an enemy sword or such, and it doesn’t hurt to run it alongside Hearth Kami in a cube of my size.

I’m removing the Blastminer, as I’m not really pushing land destruction as an archetype in my cube. Eventually I’d like to swing back the other way on land destruction and push it a bit for a change, but for now only having a few land destruction spells doesn’t feel bad.

Stigma Lasher overall seems like a good card, but I’ve just found him to be mostly underwhelming.

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