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I’m finally getting around to writing about my Dark Ascension cube update. This time around I’ve already changed my cube, and even shuffled around a few of my changes, before writing about it. Seeing as I don’t get a lot of time to sit down and write these days, I’ll be breaking my entire update review into a few smaller posts.

So, down to business. I made the following changes:

Serra Avenger » Thalia, Guardian of Thraben
Momentary Blink » Angelic Destiny
Soltari Monk » Loyal Cathar

Serra Avenger has been on my short list for removal for a while now. I really like the card, but I’ve tried running her quite a bit and found that her restriction makes playing her pretty awkward most of the time, especially since you’ll only have one in your deck. Turn three and four can bring creatures like Vexing Sphinx in blue, Abyssal Persecutor in black, and more. Creatures have been pushed in power level pretty hard since Time Spiral, and sadly I think Serra Avenger isn’t as good as it once was. I love the art, but I’m not sure she belongs in my cube any more. Thalia, on the other hand, is a superb replacement. She helps out white/x aggro decks and helps to slow your opponent down by a turn or more. Having first strike also makes her a decent threat on the ground against other aggro decks.

I tend to shy away from creature enchantments, but in my opinion, Angelic Destiny has proven to be worth running. It’s not a complete back-breaker like Eldrazi Conscription, but it’s a lot easier to cast and really puts the pressure on your opponent when it sticks. I love Momentary Blink, but I am moving toward classifying cards like it as multicolor. I’ll bring it back in that section if there’s room for it later.

The Soltari have been in my cube a long time. I’ve found that shadow isn’t the most interactive of abilities, nor is it my favorite. I’d like to minimize the number of creatures with shadow, hopefully get it down to only a couple overall. The Soltari Monk comes out this time, and when I find a good replacement the Soltari Priest may also. I believe Loyal Cathar is a good replacement here. I’ve been enjoying this card a lot in limited and I think it will be good in my cube. It takes a little bit of sting out of removing Serra Avenger, as it provides a good aggressive creature that can do double duty as a defender thanks to vigilance. The Cathar also provides that extra value by coming back after it dies. Pretty good value overall, and worth paying double white for.

I think the cards coming in at this update will help reinforce the important archetypes that white plays a role in. I am really looking forward to running Thalia in some aggro decks to get a feel for how much she can impact that deck.

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