Holiday Gift Box

I used to have a very nice box, which I had made myself, to store my cube in. Once I double sleeved my cube, however, I haven’t been able to use my hand-made box. So, I’ve been on the lookout for something better than the standard cardboard card box for storing my cube.

Enter the Holiday Gift Box. It’s a storage box which can hold up to 2000 cards and comes with four packs of Return to Ravnica. It contains three rows, with enough space to house the 831 double-sleeved cards which comprise my cube, 250 of which are basic lands. It also includes a sheet of various stickers and 6 Ravnica themed dividers.

For most cubes, the box contains adequate space. The stickers and dividers are useful. However, I wish there had been at minimum eight dividers – perfect number for me would be nine so I can have my basic land section – ┬áin order to divide the standard cube list sections. Since the cost of the gift box is pretty good, most of which goes toward the four packs of Return to Ravnica, I ended up getting two of the gift boxes. I needed nine dividers, and can always use the extra storage space.

The holiday gift box, as it stands, is a pretty good deal if you are looking for a nice, affordable solution for storing your cube. If they ever make another gift box idea, it would be nice if it had eight dividers, so at least you’d have enough dividers to also have an multi-colored and land section. Their stickers cover almost all the bases as well, but in my particular case I would have liked a basic land sticker, as I was already using the lands sticker for my non-basic land section.

I have few real gripes about the product overall, and it suits my needs quite nicely until I find the time to make myself another box.

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